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Promotional Videos for Future6

JungleTV recently created a series of promotional videos for Future6 Helping Hands, a non profit organization that provides free alternative sports and arts programs to special needs children and at risk youth throughout Florida. Programs are located in Palm Beach, Stuart, Ft. Pierce & Port St. Lucie and are growing. The video series was videotaped …

CARite TV commercial campaign filmed in Ft. Pierce

Jungle recently completed video production on a TV commercial campaign for CARite. This was a national branding campaign for the Company’s 20 plus locations throughout the US. Our production team spent a day filming at CARite’s Ft. Pierce location. We produced a 30 second commercial and several 15 seconds commercials that are currently airing …

Promotional Video for the VGTI Building in Port St Lucie

JungleTV recently completed a video project for The St. Lucie County Economic Development Council showcasing the former VGTI building in Port St. Lucie – located just north of Stuart and the Palm Beaches on Florida’s Treasure Coast. The video includes scenes shot across St. Lucie County including interviews, landscapes and aerial footage of …

St. Lucie County Fire Safety Facts Videos

Jungle Cinematic recently produced a series of 30 and 90 second videos to help educate St. Lucie County voters about the Fire District’s budget shortfall and equipment/facility needs. Community/Business leaders and St. Lucie County Fire Chief Buddy Emerson also discussed the stations on Port St. Lucie Boulevard and in Lakewood Park/Ft. Pierce. …

Update to Education Foundation of St. Lucie County

We recently updated a promotional video produced for the Education Foundation of St. Lucie County. This video consists of studio green screen interviews, location b roll at St. Lucie County Schools and some stock video/images. The video is used to increase awareness of the Foundation’s purpose, work and funding needs. Teachers, Parents and Residents …